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We are inspected by the Illinois Department of Agriculture. We follow U.S.D.A. guidelines and have a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point plan in place. We have an inspector on the premises at least two days a week, usually more. We are also inspected by Illinois Public Health.

The quality of meat that you and your family consumes is of our utmost concern.

Our meat is cut fresh from the carcass, then heat sealed in special freezer film to remove almost all the air.  We also offer double wrap white paper. We also purchase top quality boxed whole muscle meat for resale. Then quick frozen in our blast freezer to ensure freshness and quality, like frozen vegetables.

Our hogs and cattle are from right here in the Schuyler County area, not from overseas.

We slaughter cattle, hogs, sheep, goats, ostrich, emus, elk.

We process archery, pistol, muzzleloader and shotgun deer.

We make our own hams, bacon, salami, jerky, snack stixs and all other sausages.



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Beef, pork, venison.

Hours;  Mon - Fri 8 am to 5 pm

             Sat 9 am to noon

Houser Meats

 14375 Scotts Mill Rd

 Rushville, IL 62681