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Hunters! Join the fight against hunger!

Deer must be field dressed the same day they are killed. The back legs need the pelvic bone to be cut in two and open the back legs.

 DO NOT leave deer lay with the back legs closed!!!!!!

Deer that have been caped must be covered with plastic or a sheet or we can not accept them to the donate program.


Bring your field-dressed deer to Houser Meats on Scotts Mill Road (see the map on our location page).   

We have two programs available. 

Illinios Sportsmen Against Hunger will pay $50.00 toward the cost of processing any deer.  This program begins October 1 and you must fill out a form.

The second program thru Access Illinois will pay the remainder of the processing.

If you have a buck you would like caped you pay for the caping fee.


The meat will be processed and then distributed to food banks in Brown and Schuyler counties.

Thank you to all who have donated!