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Dealer for Haychix feeding solutions

Do you want your hay ring to look like this when your bale is gone.
The net is in the lower left hand corner. No waste for my two horses they eat every piece!!!!!!


Are you tired of the wasted hay when feeding big bales?
The Cinchchix big bale feeding net is the answer.
Easy to put on, stops horses and cattle from pulling hay out by the mouthful.
Are you tired of cleaning up all the wasted hay that gets peed and pooped on, draws flies in the summer?
This bag will pay for its self in no time.
For videos go to

The cinch mini is super easy to load. Just open bag lay hay on it and pull rope with the hoogle handle. No need for a bucket. Tie the rope and hang bag or use the large carabineer on bottom of bag.

We carry the big bale 6x6 size for $177.00