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  Where in the World?

New Zealand    NO

Mexico          NO

Australia     NO

Argentina    NO


Thats why we offer Schuyler Select beef bundles. Raised and fed in

the Schuyler County area. It hasn't crossed the ocean, country, or border.

Only healthy 100% homegrown beef.




         4 T-BONE Steaks 2per pkg. 3/4inch thick

         2 Sirloin Steaks   1per pkg. 3/4inch thick

         1 Rump Roast  2-3 lbs

         2 Cubed Round Steaks 1per pkg. 1/2inch thick

         4 Ribeye Steaks 2per pkg. 3/4inch thick

         4 Cubed Steaks 1 pkg.

         1 Arm Roast  2-3 lbs

         2 Chuck Roast 2-3 lbs each

         1lb of Stew Meat

         15 to 20lbs of Ground Beef in 1 lb packages


Bundles cost between $230 to $300

A quarter of a beef has twice as much as a bundle. You need to order a quarter, because it can be cut the way you want it. You can pick how thick the steaks are, how many in a package, how many pounds do the roast weigh, what size packages of ground beef, do you want patties, and few other items we will help you with when you call.

A quarter of a beef cost between $500 to $650.

A half of a beef is four times as much as a bundle. You need to order a half also.

A half of a beef cost between $1000 to $1,300.

We also sell half's and whole hogs. You order these. You pick how thick the chops and steaks are, cured meat or fresh, how many pounds do the roast weigh, how you want your sausage seasoned, and a few other things.

A half of a hog cost between $200 to $220.

A whole hog cost between $400 to $440



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