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All products on this page are fully cooked. just heat and eat or eat cold if you prefer.

                                            Price per pound

Old Fashion Ring Bologna     4.50

Dried Beef 1/2 pound             5.00

Snack Stixs                             7.99

Cheddar Snack Stixs              8.19

Jalapeno&Chesse Stixs         8.49

BBQ Stixs                               8.19

Beef Salami (1lb roll)                   5.60

Jalapeno & Chesse Salami     5.99

Cheddar salami                      5.90

Braunschweiger                       4.50

Hot Beef Jerky                       20.50

Mild Beef Jerky                       20.00

Pulled Pork

    for Sandwichs                    6.30

BBQ Roast Pork                     6.30


Smoked Sausage                   4.15

Cured & Smoked Ham Roast 

(no skin, no added water, fat trim)          3.55

Cured & Smoked Ham Steak

(no skin, no added water, fat trim)          4.75

Cured & Smoked Hocks         2.90



Corned Beef (no water)            6.49

Sliced Corned Beef                   6.99


Ham Salad     4.49

Chicken Salad  5.85


HOUSER MEATS   Rushville, 217-322-4994